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GHF communications
Kingswood September 2021 Arrangements
Elm Wood September 2021 Arrangements
Paxton September 2021 Arrangements
Crawford 8th March Re-Opening Arrangements
Fenstanton September 2021 Arrangements
Glenbrook September 2021 Arrangements
School / SEN risk assessments
Kingswood Risk Assessment - September 2021
Elm Wood Risk Assessment - September 2021
Paxton Risk Assessment - September 2021
Crawford Risk Assessment - September 2021
Fenstanton Risk Assessment - September 2021
Glenbrook Risk Assessment - September 2021
Wrap Around Care risk assessments
Gipsy Hill Federation Wrap Around Care risk assessment
Fit For Sport Risk Assessment
Young People Matter Risk Assessment
Policy addendums'
Kingswood Primary Safeguarding Policy addendum
Elm Wood Primary Safeguarding Policy addendum
Paxton Primary Safeguarding Policy addendum
Crawford Primary Safeguarding Policy addendum
Fenstanton Primary Safeguarding Policy addendum
Glenbrook Primary Safeguarding Policy addendum
Local Authority communications
Advice for parents from the Lambeth Educational Psychology Service
Government / DfE advice & guidance
DFE - List of online eduactional resources for home learning
Department for Education latest documents
Government Coronavirus response
NHS communications
World Health Organisation communications
Communications translated
Parent Code of Conduct - French
Parent Code of Conduct - Lithuanian
Parent Code of Conduct - Portuguese
Parent Code of Conduct - Spanish