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Our aim at the Gipsy Hill Federation is that our pupils will be given the knowledge and skills to be confident, curious and creative members of their community. This is underpinned by the commitment to supporting pupils to grow and develop academically, socially and emotionally. Positive, respectful relationships with ourselves, our families, our friends and others are central to pupils' development. Our approach to teaching children about relationships therefore has respect as the core thread throughout all the year groups.


Taking into account the age, maturity and needs of our pupils, we aim to:

  • Help  children  develop  feelings  of  self‐respect,  self‐esteem,  self‐confidence,  sympathy  and  empathy.  

  • Support  pupils  to  understand  and  express  their  feelings  through  providing  appropriate  vocabulary and communication skills.  

  • Support pupils to understand how to keep themselves safe.   

  • Nurture  a  responsible  attitude  towards  personal  relationships  including  aspects  of  mutual  respect and care.   

  • Develop sensitivity towards the needs of others.  

  • Provide knowledge of loving relationships.  

  • Inform on matters of personal hygiene and related health issues.  

  • Encourage exploration of values and moral issues taking into account physical, emotional and  moral risks associated with certain behaviour.  

  • Provide  information  about  agencies  that  can  give  support  and  information  on  health  and  related issues

  • Provide knowledge of human reproductive processes. 

Year 1 & 2 RSE Leaflet

Year 5 & 6 RSE Leaflet

Year 3 & 4 RSE Leaflet

GHF RSE Policy 2021

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