Philosophy is an approach that is used successfully from EYFS through to Year 6, as it works on a spiral curriculum. This means that the same concepts can be explored in Nursery right through to Year 6, with discussions being developed by pupils’ increasing experience of contexts and experiences as they progress through each year group.

How philosophy supports children across the curriculum.


Listen and speak confidently in different contexts.

Show understanding in discussions.

Vary use of vocabulary and level of detail


Respond to texts by identifying aspects they like.

Express opinions about major events in different texts.

Show an understanding of and express prefrence.


Discuss their work and explain why an answer is correct.

Begin to explain their thinking and provide examples.


Respond to suggestions and put forward their own ideas about how to find the answer to a question.



Develop an understanding of environments and cultures.

Make reasoned judgments and views on the implications that these have.



Understand the past has been interpreted and represent by different individuals.

Show an understanding of change and its effects.

Speaking & listening

Extend ideas or accounts by providing detail.

Show confidence in communicating and show awareness for the listener.