Ensure that play is the default setting for children in EYFS and Year One. Understanding that it develops their interpersonal skills, self-regulation, independence and problem-solving skills whilst fostering a love of learning.
Strive towards creating an ethos where playful learning is recognised, valued and supported in all its forms and across all year groups.
Thoughtfully plan environments to enable and facilitate playful learning opportunities. Independence is encouraged by investing in indoor and outdoor environments to maximise opportunities for children to learn through self-directed exploration.
Utilise opportunities to follow children's interests in the moment to extend their skills and knowledge, and support them to achieve their next steps in the EYFS and Year One.
Provide professional development for staff to ensure that teachers understand and value working with playful moments that occur in the course of everyday school life.
Endeavour to develop and inform future practice in line with current educational research to increase opportunities for playful learning.