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The Council is proposing the closure of Fenstanton School and is seeking community input during the consultation process to ensure the best decision is made for everyone involved.


Please note that the consultation outlines potential actions, none of which are final. Your opinion and feedback are crucial. The consultation will be open for a minimum of eight weeks.


Please take the time to participate and share your thoughts.


Click here to view the consultation.


As governors of Gipsy Hill Federation, we are fully committed to ensuring the best for our schools’ communities. Fenstanton Primary School is currently listed as a school for potential closure in Lambeth. 


We strongly believe there are compelling reasons to keep this school open, the most important being the profound impact its closure would have on the children in the local community. We stand firmly in support of the dedicated staff at Fenstanton who work tirelessly to provide children with the educational opportunities they deserve. 


The council is conducting a consultation to gather the views of stakeholders. Everyone connected to Fenstanton Primary and the wider Gipsy Hill Federation family is invited to contribute. We aim to work constructively with the Local Authority to find a sustainable solution that keeps the school open, allowing children and families to continue their education locally. We encourage you to participate in the consultation by following the provided link.


The first round of consultation ends on Sunday, 18th August 2024 at 11.59pm

Click here to view the consultation.


On behalf of the children and staff of Fenstanton, we thank you for your active participation. Should you have any questions or wish to contact the governors directly, please use the email address

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